trimethyldihydroquinoline polymer letters online

  • Number 1 / January, 2018 - eXPRESS Polymer Letters

    Title, Interrelation between mechanical response, strain field, and local free volume evolution in glassy polymers: Seeking the atomistic origin of post-yield 

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  • eXPRESS Polymer Letters | Directory of Open Access Journals

    Information about the open-access journal eXPRESS Polymer Letters in DOAJ. DOAJ is an online directory that indexes and provides access to quality open 

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  • eXPRESS Polymer Letters

    Submitting Papers to the eXPRESS Polymer Letters. Papers may be submitted only online via the Manuscript Central. Please register at the journal web site, 

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  • eXPRESS Polymer Letters

    Volume 13 (2019) · Number 12 / December, 2019 (pp. 1026-1124) · Number 11 / November, 2019 (pp. 937-1025) · Number 10 / October, 2019 (pp. 844-936)

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