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  • 1 Antioxidants Antidegradants Polymer - Nocil Limited

    These factors degrade rubbers / rubber products causing substantial .. Antioxidants Antiozonants are used to protect the polymers from degradation. .. Paraffin waxes are produced by solvent extraction of lubriing oil fractions and One of the widely used dithiocarbamate is Nickel Dibutyl dithiocarbamate (NBC).

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  • Rubber Antioxidant NDBC(NBC) - dalian richon chem co., ltd.

    Rubber Antioxidant NDBC(NBC) Oil Powder. Appearance. Olive-green Appliion: An effective antioxidant for dynamic appliion products. Also used as 

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    This is the ANTIOXIDANTS page of Kawaguchi Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. Kawaguchi the aging,antioxidants are added to rubber to prolong the life of rubber 

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  • Migration of additives in rubber

    by ozone for rubber products in service. In addition, the dispersion of compounding ingredients such as oil, curing agents and antioxidants in rubber can be.

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  • Shanghai DunMei New Material Technology Co., LTD. - TAIC

    Hot key words: NDBC(NBC) Antioxidant 2246 ZDMC(PZ) Antiageing Agent ODA DM Rubber Accelerator ZDEC chemical name : Zinc D iethyldithiocarbamate Insoluble Sulfur Specifiions Item Specifiions Non oil-extended Oil filled 

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  • Antioxidants - Nocil Limited

    surface of the rubber product and react directly and competitively with ozone. Migratory losses Use of antioxidants along with PPDs protects the PPDs from direct oxidation. Di .. These types of ADPAs have low solubility in oil and hence One of the widely used dithiocarbamate is Nickel Dibutyl dithiocarbamate ( NBC).

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  • Johoku Chemical

    Polymer Additives · Lubriing Oil Additive · Corrosion Inhibitor · Others fiber and rubber; serving as an antioxidant and modifier; and enhancing the extreme 

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